The 2020 Hyundai Sonata raises the bar for sedans in more ways than one. From its smooth, dynamic performance to its beautiful design, the Sonata has a lot to be proud of. Perhaps, however, its most shining achievement is its unparalleled sedan technology, which puts it in a class all its own.

Driver-Assistance System

The 2020 Sonata is no stranger to cutting-edge safety technology, and its new blind spot cameras make the vehicle truly exceptional. When a driver activates a turn signal, the vehicle automatically displays the camera's view in the dash cluster, providing superior visibility and awareness on the road without any extra effort made by the driver. The Sonata also features a lane-keeping system, which helps keep the vehicle safely centered in the lane while driving, and adaptive cruise control, which automatically maintains a set speed and following distance, making driving in traffic much easier and more convenient.


Alongside an advanced infotainment system with smartphone integration technology, the 2020 Sonata boasts an improved navigation system and a new Bose® Premium Sound System. The intuitive navigation system gently alerts drivers regarding driving directions and dangerous sections of the route, seamlessly providing critical information while driving. The Sonata's Bose® Premium Sound System works in tandem with the vehicle's advanced infotainment system, which allows you to stream music and media from your smartphone. The Bose® Premium Sound System was developed by professional sound engineers at Hyundai and Bose®, and it strives to provide an unparalleled, high-quality listening experience that gets as close as possible to the artist's intended sound. The system includes twelve speakers.

Digital Key

An exciting new technology for the 2020 Hyundai Sonata is the Hyundai Digital Key. This new technology utilizes a driver's smartphone, instead of a physical key, to unlock, start, and drive the Sonata. The user just needs to download the app.

The Hyundai Digital Key for the 2020 Sonata relies on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which means the smartphone must be within centimeters of the reader (in the door handle and inside the Sonata). But the app for the Hyundai Digital Key also supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, which means you can unlock and start the Sonata remotely.

Another cool feature of the Hyundai Digital Key for the 2020 Sonata: Drivers can even share a digital key with family and friends, should they ever need access inside the Sonata or even driving privileges in ordinary or emergency situations. The keys can be provided to others under strict criteria, like during a defined period; drivers can also limit the type of activities that guests with access to the Digital Key can do. This technology also comes in handy with valets and even trusted technicians at mechanic shops.

Not sure how you feel about this new technology? Never fear: Every new 2020 Sonata will still come with traditional keys. For now, the Digital Key is only compatible with Android phones.

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