Hyundai Dealer Helps Jackson MS Area Medical Professionals Save

Here at Wilson Premier Hyundai, we're proud to be part of such a unique and diverse community. From the back roads to the city, we interact with all types of folks on a daily basis, and we cherish each and every chance that we get to see familiar faces and to meet new ones!

One thing that truly sets our area apart is the outstanding system of medical facilities in our area. Many people know that the world's first heart transplant was performed in Jackson, MS, and our area continues to provide innovative treatment and personal care for individuals across the board.

Jackson MS Area hospitals

As such, we're thrilled to offer exclusive Hyundai discounts for Jackson, MS, area medical professionals!

A Show of Gratitude

At times, you can almost forget how far reaching of an impact our local medical professionals have. You may even forget how hard these individuals work until you find yourself in need. The truth is, though, that these healthcare professionals put in long hours and work seemingly impossible schedules to provide the care that our friends, family members, and neighbors deserve.

We're proud to provide Hyundai specials for Jackson, MS, area healthcare providers to take advantage of. Better yet, these valuable offers aren't even limited to just new vehicle purchases! We offer discounts and special rates on new vehicles, used vehicles, and crucial maintenance services for our local healthcare providers.*

Hyundai dealership serving Jackson MS

These special savings are available to current employees at a wide range of local care facilities. These include hospitals, urgent care clinics, rehabilitation facilities, and assisted living communities in and around Jackson, MS, so be sure to check our complete list of qualifying locations!

For more information on these exclusive discounts for medical professionals, as well as all of our other special offers, be sure to contact Wilson Premier Hyundai online or to call our team directly at (888) 596-1348 today!

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*Only valid at Wilson Premier Hyundai. For qualified medical employees only. Must provide proof of current employment at time of purchase.

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