Hyundai oil change near Jackson MS

To get you where you need to go, your engine relies on a plethora of moving parts all working together. That process depends on fresh oil to keep things running smoothly, which is why it's so important to regularly drop by your Hyundai service center near Jackson, MS, to have your oil and filter changed!

The Importance of Fresh Oil

Cleaning: As oil flows through your engine, it collects dirt and debris, which is then removed when the oil passes through the filter. Routine oil changes allow your oil and filter to continue keeping things clean.

Cooling: While passing through your engine's many moving parts, oil draws heat away from crucial components. Regular driving creates a lot of heat, and oil works to keep your engine's parts working right.

Lubricating: Needless to say, all of that movement under the hood can lead to a lot of friction. Fresh, clean oil alleviates that friction, helping to prevent serious damage from impacting your vehicle's engine.

Why Visit Your Jackson MS Area Service Center

You've got many options when it's time for service, but at Wilson Premier Hyundai we're committed to treating you like family. We're located just 12 miles from Jackson, MS, so dropping by for a quick oil change is always easy. While we take care of your vehicle, you can unwind with complimentary coffee while little ones enjoy our play center. Don't forget to check out our service coupons to help you save, too!

Service Reviews

"Customer service is above and beyond anything I've experienced. [The team] got us in a great vehicle at a great price. We will definitely use Wilson Premier Hyundai again!" - Google user

For more information on how we can help you to care for your vehicle as the miles add up, or to schedule an oil change at Wilson Premier Hyundai, be sure to contact us online or to give us a call at (855) 490-5796 today!

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